Social Center
Foundation, Inc.


The Pag-asa Social Center Foundation Inc. envisions its members to be of one family, animated by continuous and mutual love, full of hope in God and a better life, where needs are met through the free sharing of goods.


Pag-asa Social Center

“We know that terrorism has many causes, but one of them, a deep underlying cause, is the unbearable suffering one experiences upon seeing a world made up of the poor and the rich – a phenomenon which has given rise to smoldering resentment, violence and revenge. More equality is needed, or we would say, more solidarity and a greater communion of goods.
But goods don’t circulate by themselves. People’s hearts have to be touched, so that they can be in unity and communion with one another! Only if we get down to work for fraternity, for universal brotherhood, will we be able to convince ourselves and to persuade others to start putting their goods in common.”
Chiara Lubich