About Us

The Work of Mary or Focolare Movement has the features of a large and varied family, of a “new people born of the Gospel”, as Chiara Lubich, its founder, defined it.  It is a movement of spiritual and social renewal, founded in Trent, Italy, in 1943, during the Second World War. The Focolare Movement, officially known as the Work of Mary, was approved by the Catholic Church in 1962. It is now present in 182 nations and more than 2 million people share closely in its life and work.

It aims at spreading the message of unity worldwide. Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21), its goal is to promote brotherhood and to achieve a more united world in which people respect and value diversity. To achieve this goal, people of the Movement engage in various forms of dialogue and are committed to building bridges of fraternal relationships among individuals, between cultural groups and in every area of society.

Members of the Movement include Christians of different Churches and ecclesial communities, members of the major world religions and people of no particular religious belief. Each one adheres to the Movement’s goal and spirit, while faithfully following the precepts of their own faith and conscience. 

What motivates us?

The desire to love everyone, without discrimination, to take the initiative and love other people the way we love ourselves, to exclude no one, not even our enemies. There are three elements upon which the Movement is based: the art of loving, community and dialogue.

Art of Loving

The Art of loving is proposed to everyone – to Christians, to men and women of different faiths and even to people who have no specific religious conviction. Having this new attitude is the first step, which leads to a peaceful revolution capable of changing the hearts of individuals and of the whole world.


The main characteristic of the Focolare spirituality of unity is that it is communitarian. It leads to a life of communion among individuals, peoples and nations and thus is something the world really needs. However, the path of communion does not exclude the contribution made by individuals. Rather, living in communion enhances it and enriches the entire social body.


The Focolare Spirituality has spread throughout the world and given rise to various forms of dialogues. The Movement is engaged in dialogue among movements and new communities within the Catholic Church, with members of other Christian Churches and ecclesial communities, dialogue with the faithful of major world religions, a dialogue between those who profess no specific religious faith and with people involved in various professions with the goal of permeating these areas with the values of unity, mutual respect and brotherhood.

Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) is the founder of the Focolare Movement, which is present in 182 countries and promotes the spirituality of unity. Its goal is to contribute towards the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer: “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21).

Chiara, a great charismatic figure of our times, is well known for her tireless work to increase communion, fraternity and peace among people of different Churches, with followers of various world religions and with people who have no religious belief.

The Work of Mary or Focolare Movement

Is a private, universal association of the faithful, of pontifical right, given juridic personality accdg. to can. 298-311 and 321-329 of the Code of Canon Law (CIC), established according to the norms of the Catholic Church and of the General Statutes approved by the Holy See…   

from the General Statutes Part 1, ch. 1, p. 15